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- Invention of the slide rule by the Reverend William Oughtred, London. c - Engine divided scales on celluloid increases precision of slide rules. The purpose of this book is to explain by easy and reliable methods how one can use the slide rule to perform accurate mathematical calculations. The author. Adjusting a Slide Rule. VI. Common Scales of the Slide Rule. VII. Reading a Scale. VIII. Multiplication. IX. Division. 28 x. Placement of the Decimal.

The Oughtred Society was founded in by a group of slide rule collectors and is dedicated to . If you use a different PDF reader, your procedures should be. The book, written by Florian Cajori, is the standard work on the early history of the slide rule. There is also a version as a Word document which is smaller ( 9 Feb (c) Find the second factor in the upper scale. Teach Yourself the Slide Rule file:/// D|/SlideRules/WebPage/pdf/htm/ (5 of 81) [02/09/

Few symbols of engineering evoke nostal- gia and memories as powerful and vivid as the venerable slide rule. The slide rule was an indispensable tool in the. 6 Wrap the folded tape around the slide rule for sizing. Use the adhesive end to complete the cursor. Slide cursor onto the rule. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS. 2 Jan You may want to download a PDF copy of this Instructable to your You do not need your own slide rule because this Instructable will make. 1 Aug Introduction -- In the days before calculators and personal computers an engineer always had a slide rule nearby. These days it is difficult to. And the slide rule has become an electronic calculator. Take another look at that slide rule. Pull it out of the drawer you stashed it in 30 years ago or make one of.

14 Jun The main idea of any (old or new) slide rule is [4] that we write each .. http:// This book was intended for a double-page spread, and here it is presented as single pages. Maybe it should be rescanned and made into double pages. Thanks Egan. I appreciated the read, very nice. I used a slide rule for several years (for real work in high school and college) and I have a minor. A latent fascination with slide rules was revitalised two years ago when I dusted pocket microscopes have an established role for slide rule study and would.

The Bygrave slide rule is a slide rule named for its inventor, Captain L. G. Bygrave of the RAF. It was used in celestial navigation, primarily in aviation. Officially. 18 Dec You can scale the PDF of the slide rule graphic to be smaller if you want a thinner bangle or sized for a man's bracelet. Download the PDF to. Rewriting history. This is a hextraordinary tale from an era when computer programmers of the day still relied on slide rules and other similar aids!. circular slide rule and will make accurate computations in- volving multiplication and divi- sion in terms of time, distance. fuel consumption and other normal flight .


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